Sports Clip Art


Sports Clip Art was created to serve as a site for you to come in and get high quality clip art images of your favorite sports. We have a high volume of sports images already on the site, but are constantly looking to add more. It’s not just your basic sports that we cover, we have clip art available for just about every sport you can think of.

I’m a big sports fan and like to add my own little touch to my different online projects with visuals.  I’ve helped create the college football odds page at, pamphlets for the local Y, and more.

Prior to building the site, I was always struggling to find quality sports clip art images that didn’t come at some kind of a cost. I decided it was time to tackle this problem and make sure that others like me didn’t have to go through the same hassle of finding images.

Now I have a safe and reliable site that provides free sports clip art images for not just me, but anyone comes across my web page. I know it’s not the most exciting thing for some, but I’ve always been a fan of clip art and the different ways you can use it. I’m confident that regardless of the sport you looking for, there’s an image on our site that will work for you.

Being the father/coach of four young boys, who are active in basketball and baseball, I’m constantly putting together documents for team practices, game schedules, treat lists, etc. If you have ever coached young kids and had to deal with these things, you know it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

Simply adding a few fun clip art images to these documents, not only keeps the kids entertained, but it helps the parents keep track of them. I make sure every basketball practice sheet that I give out to my kids, has some kind of basketball image (many times more than one) on the page. I found that these simple visuals made these documents feel more important to the kids. They can hang it on the fridge and know exactly where to look to find out when practice is, just by the simple clip art image that I added.

Now this is just one way that I use the sports images here at Sports Clip Art. I’ve also had a lot of great feedback on how others have used the clip art image on this page to improve what they are doing in some shape or form. Feel free to share your stories and how you have used the clip art on this page.